This Mini Course will Be Released On 1st April 2024!
NEW AUTHORIZE YOUR LIFE METHOD: The Second In A Series of Success Letters By Andy Raingold:
Helps You To Unlock Know and Understand Your True Power and Begin to Write Your Own Future... Starting NOW!

Discover The Game-Changing Secrets That Multiply Your Success and...

Unlock Your True Power!

But Be Warned! This Perspective Shift Puts Power and Success...
In Your Own Hands! Immediately!

ATTENTION: Are you sick and tired of feeling powerless to get what you want in your own life and then change your life and circumstances for the better?

The education system is specifically geared to removing your personal power and then systematically replaces your true power and value with lack of choice, indecision and obedience.

But indecision and lack of choice are just the first level of true power yet without them your life takes on the purpose someone else has planned for you by making you obedient to someone else's system of the way things are done!

True Power is something completely different and is only available after reclaiming your right to decide and choose for yourself.

Success in Life Without Your True Power
is Pretty Much Impossible!


Just Integrate the Simple Perspective Shifts Whenever You Feel Powerless - Then Know That Your True Power is The Only Power You Really Need!

True Power not only gives you 'the power to guarantee your own success' but begins to direct you into a life and greater success of your own making. It is a veritable road map to your own personal power, wealth and accumulated success!

In "True Power," you will discover:

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Ironically, True Power is the only way to even begin to guarantee your own success!

  • Knowledge Is Not True Power: and is in fact the reason your current power may be limited, false, imagined or simply just a feeling at best. But within this powerful insight you’re shown how to reclaim your true power.

  • The Power of Perspective: and how your point of view makes you always right in every situation and helps you move through success in a more confident assured manner.

  • What Real Power Is and What It Is Not: and shows a clear way to greater personal power and helps you claim and then build power over time.

  • How To Take Advantage of Your Own Power: and clear the way to accumulative power and success and allows you to Know With Certainty the results you can expect in your life, business or career.

  • The Power of Accumulation: and how it helps you towards exponential gains and enables you to build and compound your true power over your lifetime.

I think you get the idea...

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  • Success Has Layers: that enables you to build power and success over time by giving a clear understanding of how success and power work hand in hand.

  • Success & Momentum Blockers: that allows you to approach life in more powerful ways by helping you to easily remove anything that is blocking your momentum and stunting your growth.

  • Natural Cycles: that aid in stopping you being reset back to “default impotent” and allows you to stop or remove external influencers that usurp your power. This is very subtle yet very powerful in its effects.

  • Your Daily Sacrifice of Personal Power Revealed: that gives you the knowledge to reclaim your power as well as the realization of how your power was taken and in fact you gave away freely. But you can now reclaim that power for yourself. WARNING: You may not like this if you are religious.

  • Why Positive Thinking Only Appears To Work: but now you can remove any delusions and gain powerful perspectives that helps you to produce even better positive results from all areas of life.

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